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Best Start™ for people with a stoma

Supporting you

Everybody has a different experience when starting their new routine – for some it is needed for just a few months while for others it will be part of their life for many years. We speak to people like you all the time so we are in a great position to pass on tips, advice and the wisdom of other users’ experiences. As your confidence grows, we can help you take on new challenges and return to an active fulfilling life.


We want you to know that if you ever find that you are having difficulties, you can always call or email us and we will arrange the support you need.


If we uncover an issue that we can’t resolve, we will advise you to see your specialist nurse or GP.

Getting the best from Coloplast Charter

We know that adapting to life back home with a stoma can be overwhelming, so we offer some additional services to help you get off to the best start 

Coloplast Charter provides you with:

  • Qualified and experienced specialist to support your ongoing needs
  • Easy ordering of your products online or by phone
  • Reliable, flexible and discreet delivery
  • Complimentary items to support your routine 

Your Best Start™

As part of our Best Start™ service, we also offer the below benefits:

Welcome call

One of our experienced specialists will call you within a few days to ask how you are getting on with your new products and routine and ensure you have everything you need.

Free cutting service

We will cut your ostomy bags to the size you need, use the stoma cutting guide included in this pack and return it using the envelope provided.

Access to Email programme

Flexible ordering and delivery preferences

We will cut your ostomy bags to the size you need, use the stoma cutting guide included in the pack and return it using the envelope provided.

Ostomy Check

Ostomy Check

The Ostomy Check is your way of checking for common issues associated with your stoma, your products and the surrounding skin.

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