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Coloplast Charter Commitment

Providing NHS ServicesWe talk to thousands of patients and healthcare professionals each day, and are committed to providing the best possible solutions for the NHS, GPs and their patients.


To Consumers: Putting your needs first

  • Your health and quality of life are our highest priorities
  • We help you monitor your health, and we take appropriate action when issues arise
  • Our experienced specialists provide you with trustworthy, qualified advice
  • We deliver the products you need, reliably and discreetly to you


To NHS Nurses: Complimenting your role

  • We work in partnership with you to provide extended support to your patients
  • We turn data from our interactions into insights that you can use
  • Any prescription changes are shared with the reasons as to why
  • Our professional support team is dedicated to your needs


To GPs and Payers: Enabling the most effective care

  • We work in partnership to optimise care for each individual, and for the community as a whole
  • Our transparency keeps you informed of patients’ quality of life and prescribing costs
  • We reduce the need for patients to access NHS resources - saving both money and time
  • We improve administrative efficiencies with continuous investment in our processes and systems
Registering your patients

Registering your patients

Once you have created your account registering your patient is quick and easy, allowing you to place their first order at any time of day.

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