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Discreet delivery on a day that suits you

Coloplast Charter is the UK’s leading home delivery service for all prescription ostomy products. Whether you use a Dansac or Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast or Pelican product, you can place your prescription request online in minutes, we'll handle the whole process for you.


A cutting service is provided for personalised fit, and if you're using our online service you can track your order online, receiving notifications when your order has been dispatched for delivery.


We also supply a range of complimentary items with every order, so you’ll have everything you need for your daily routine. 

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Closed stoma bags

Stoma bags worn primarily by those that have a colostomy, closed bags are better suited to formed motions and are changed once or twice a day.

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Better suited to those with a liquid stool output, drainable stoma bags do not require regular changing, and can be emptied as and when required.

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Urostomy bags

Designed to collect urine from your stoma, urostomy bags are emptied at regular intervals during the day, and usually connected to a drainage collection bag at night.

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Stoma supporting products

Stoma supporting products

Supporting products are widely used by ostomates to help reduce leakage and protect the skin. They also help to achieve customized solutions for the different body shapes and needs

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Coloplast Charter

Life with an ostomy is never straight forward. But your ostomy should never hold you back; with tailored advice, inspiration and the latest news on medical updates sent directly to your email inbox, Coloplast Charter helps you find your way, step by step.

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