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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us with a question, these FAQs might be able to resolve your query.

Who are Coloplast Charter and Coloplast?

Coloplast are the people who make stoma and continence appliances. As the world leaders in stoma and continence care, if you’ve been prescribed a Coloplast product you can be sure you’ve been prescribed the very best.

Coloplast Charter are Coloplast’s home delivery service, who ensure that you get a repeat prescription and discreet delivery to your door, whenever you need more continence supplies.


Continuity of supply after Brexit

Coloplast Charter would like to reassure customers regarding the ongoing supply of medical appliances post-Brexit.


We do not expect the availability of Coloplast products to be impacted and are taking pro-active measures to ensure continuity of supply whilst closely monitoring developments.  For non-Coloplast products we will be working with the manufacturers to ensure continuity of supply

If you have any questions, please contact us on

Why do I order my products from Coloplast Charter and not my GP or Nurse?

Coloplast Charter is here to make it easy to get a regular prescription for your continence appliances. As we deal with thousands of orders every day, for all appliances available in the UK, we are more likely than your local pharmacy to have the appliances you need in stock and can deliver them to your door, much faster.

Simply tell us when you need to order supplies and we will get your prescription from your GP, despatch the right products to you, along with complimentary items with every order. There’s no need for you to make regular trips to the surgery or pharmacy, just to pick up the same order each time. But of course you should still visit your GP or specialist nurse if you are experiencing issues that make you concerned.


Does it cost anything to use Coloplast Charter?

No. Our order and delivery service and support and advice all come free of charge to you, as we partner the NHS to offer a free prescription service.  In the event you have to pay for your prescription items, don’t worry; we’ll let you know before sending you anything.


Are there other delivery services I could use?

Yes, but Coloplast and Colopast Charter come recommended by your medical professionals and not every service comes with the additional benefits of our support and online ordering facilities.


What information do you need from me?

It is very likely that your nurse or GP will have already registered all of your details with us, so we will need very little information from you – other than letting us know when you need a new order.


What if I’m having trouble with my prescribed products?

Our specially trained staff are always happy to offer guidance and solutions. If you are having real trouble with the products you have been prescribed or experiencing changes in your medical condition, it is best to talk to your specialist nurse or GP.  It might be that another product could overcome the problems you’re experiencing. In the unlikely event of your prescription changing, simply let us know.


Why is tracking unavailable?

Tracking may not be available for your order because we require further information from our delivery service. If you are concerned about your order, please contact us.

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