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Foods to consider for wheelchair users

When you are in a wheelchair you need to pay extra attention to your diet to prevent constipation and keep your body healthy. With less physical activity, you burn off fewer calories and may gain weight or possibly maintain weight but replace muscle with fat.

Things to consider

Excess weight adds stress on your heart and may make weight shifts and transfers more difficult. This can contribute to skin breakdown or pressure ulcers. One thing that you can do to reduce some of these risks is to maintain a healthy diet. 

How to reduce your risk of… 


Get enough fibre. Fruit, vegetables and whole grain products are best. Remember to drink sufficiently, as fibre alone can make your constipation worse. 

Pressure ulcers and lean body mass (muscles) 

Ensure that you get enough protein. Choose low fat ones. Beans are a good substitute for meat and provide fibre as well. 

Weight gain 

Take in fewer calories by sticking to low fat food.