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Stoma Bag Cutting Service

Our free stoma bag cutting service ensures that you receive your stoma bags pre-cut and customised to your stoma for a perfect fit.

The perfect fit to your stoma

We cut your stoma bags by hand or using our precision machines, ensuring a perfect fit for your stoma. All we need from you is a cutting template. Follow our easy step by step guide and send us your template today.

3 benefits of our Stoma Bag Cutting Service

Less risk of leakage and skin irritation

When it comes to stoma products, one size does not fit all. The right fit is important to prevent leaks and skin irritation. Our stoma bag cutting service ensures that your products are personalised to your body, so you can move freely and with confidence.

Save time and effort

Let us save you time and effort. Depending on your needs, we cut your bags and baseplates by hand or using our precision machines, ensuring a perfect fit.

Easy reordering

You only need to provide us with your template details once or whenever you need to update it. We will then use it for all future orders, making sure you receive all your stoma bags pre-cut and ready to use. 

Good to know

How should my stoma bag fit me?

A well-fitting stoma bag is important for prevention of leakage and keeping your skin healthy. When it comes to the fit of your baseplate, the hole should be cut so it fits snugly around your stoma.  

Can I reuse the same cutting template for every order?

We will reuse the same cutting template for all your future orders, meaning that you receive your stoma bags cut to size and ready to use.  

However, stomas and bodies change over time, e.g, due to weight changes or a hernia, which can impact the fit of your baseplate and stoma bag. We recommend you check the size of your stoma at least every three months, especially if you have a hernia. You can send us a new template with your order anytime.  
You can also complete a body check regularly for guidance and to check your stoma bag is a good fit. 

Does the stoma bag cutting service apply to all bags you supply?

Yes, the cutting service applies to all stoma bags and baseplates ordered from Coloplast Charter.

How often should I update my cutting template?

Your cutting template is personalised to your stoma, so it’s a good idea to regularly check your stoma bags are still a good fit and nothing has changed, preferably every time you change it.  

In the first three months following surgery it is even more important to measure your stoma – preferably once a week. It will change a lot in the beginning, as the swelling disappears. Of course, your Stoma Care Nurse can help you with this or you can call us for guidance.

How often should I do an Ostomy Check?

We recommend you take the online check every three months. Complete the check here, it only takes a few minutes. 

I’m not sure what the perfect fit is for me. Can you help me?

We’re here to help. If you’re not sure if your bag is fitting correctly or are experiencing leakage or sore skin, contact us at and one of our Clinical Assistants will be in touch to support you.