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Working to a sustainable future

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, Coloplast is committed to supporting climate action and has been ranked as the world’s most sustainable MedTech company in 2023 by Corporate Knights*. We continuously aim to reuse and recycle, both when it comes to production, operations and delivery of your products.

Improving products and packaging

Reducing packaging and reusing materials helps us reduce our environmental impact. We are already making progress: 

  • Our complimentary wet wipes and dry wipes are biodegradable and manufactured in the UK. 

  • Coloplast Charter’s complimentary disposal bags are made from 30% recycled materials.
  • 71% of our plastic production waste is currently being recycled, and some is even turned into flooring for gyms and creches. 

Reducing emissions

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint: 

  • We are partnering with DPD to deliver your products, a carbon neutral courier*.  

  • Over 80% of our prescriptions are issued electronically - saving paper, emissions and time. 

Responsible operations

As a company that develops and manufactures single-use medical products, product safety and clinical performance are our top priorities. We focus on implementing sustainable initiatives throughout our production facilities right through to how we deliver your products to your door. For example: 

  • Our UK distribution centre has been built with energy efficiency in mind, from the lighting to the recyclable boxes your products are delivered in. 

Partnering for change

Working with partners and suppliers who share our social and environmental values is key to achieving our goals. We continue to seek partnerships with forward thinking suppliers to find solutions that help accelerate our sustainability efforts.

  • The NHS: Working together to improve efficiency in electronic prescription requests and supports their ambitious environmental goals for a greener NHS.
  • Suppliers: Working to a sustainable future is a joint effort, and by working with like-minded business partners and suppliers, we can identify concrete actions such as alternative materials and recycling technologies to reduce environmental impact.   

How you can help

Even small changes in your daily life can have an impact. Here are some ideas:

Order what you need

Help reduce waste by ordering the right number of products you need for each order. You can also choose to remove complimentary products for your order if you don’t need them. 

Recycle your product packaging

75% of our product packaging is recyclable. Sort your packaging accordingly. Note that the products themselves are not recyclable and should go in your general waste bin.

Bin don’t flush

Dispose of wet and dry wipes in the bin – our wipes are biodegradable so will simply rot away.

Choose responsible delivery

We deliver your products with DPD, a carbon neutral courier*. You can manage your delivery through the DPD app – if you’re not home at the time of delivery, you can change the delivery address or time slot up to 30 minutes before arrival or choose to have your parcel left in a safe place by the driver. 

*based on carbon offsetting 

Learn more about our Sustainability Strategy

We have set ambitious goals in all areas of our business and are constantly working on new initiatives to fulfill them. If you’re curious about our strategy to become a more sustainable company, you can learn more on our global sustainability page.